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Flash Blinking on Call & SMS


flash On call is a simple Android application which will use your camera flash to make flash alerts while device is ringing or new SMS or MMS message is received. Fully customizable flashlight! Set custom amount of flashes and speed for all incoming calls. Regulate the number of flashes when new message is received. Enable or disable flashing on each of the native Normal, Vibrate and Silent This App is one of the best flashlight warning or alert in the Flash application store game.Useful when you are in the music party where you can not hear ringtones or vibrations or in the dark or at night when you do not want to hear the ringtones. Want flashing warning flash on call or SMS, then download this application., This application will flash and notify you of the incoming call or sms.FlashOnCall - an application that will use the flash of your smartphone to alert various events, such as SMS or incoming call.Available functions:1. flash on incoming / outgoing calls2. flash on incoming SMS3. Adjust the frequency and time flash when an incoming call4. Adjusting the amount of flashes when receiving SMS5. Ability to disable flash when the battery is low5. Use different modes (normal, vibration, silentThis application Alerts you with Blinking flash light when you have incoming call or incoming sms and also alerts when your device have a notification. you can set flash interval, flash light blinking speed from setting can use this application as flash alerts,flash blink on call, flash blink on sms, flash blink on notification.With this cool application you can see your flash light blink on incoming call or text sms. Using this app the flash light will blink when there is an incoming call, sms. This is a cool feature hidden in your android phone and using this app you can take advantage of amazing flash led light blink effect and show off this in your friends.* Set the application to work in "Normal" mode, "vibrate" and "Silent Mode".* When you receive a call or a text message, the flash will blink.* You can set the amount of flash alerts you want to call.* You can set the duration of a flash blink.* You can set the message and flashes perThank you for active users who send their suggestions and comments. In this version fixes all that you have written.Small faq:1. If you have already installed the application appears, there may be conflicts2. If we update errors occur, try to uninstall and reinstall3. If the above items are not helped and / or there are some errors - please send us an email - or help repair ..PS do not recommend using a very low frequency flicker